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Sunday, 26 May 2013 | 0 comment(s)
assalamualaikum , salam maghrib buat readers yang disayangi . sorry lah update maghrib2 ni act tengah ada mood untuk menghapdate apa yang terlintas dekat dalam kepala hotak ni kann ? today 26/5 hari paling sedih buat aku , phewwww --,, benda pertama yang sedih aku bergaduh dengan mama bout *teeeeettt* secondly , purse aku hilang time belanja barang dapur w maa nd dad :/ kenapa kau ni cuai araaaa ? haihh --,, dalam purse tu ada duit , sim kad aku dengan iyash yg kteorang patahkan then ticket wayang fast6 . kenangan tu weyyy , sial ahhh ! ni lah padahnya kalau careless sangat kann *crying* dah ah kena tipu dengan iyashh , everything is suck todayy

25/5 - this is our first meet with him , and yesterday also my first time go to batu pahat by cab :( no one accompany me , i'm alone you knoww :D macam macam perasaan ada that time , takut nak nangis semua ada *huaargghhh* sampai je office ayah terus araa cari TOILET , hahaa time tu dah tak tahan nak cingcing .ayah ada kes pulak that time so wait him lonely againn . while waiting him araa otp w my bestiee cepau cakap dengan dia araa nervous then she ask me to be cool like nothing happen :) a few minute later , my superb daddy came wearing his uniform nd send me to taman budaya . alone again bcause i'm waiting for iyashh , phewwwww --'' then i call him , he ask me to see my left side so i do what he want finally , i saw him with black shirt , black pants , nd black cap . wowwww totally in black :D haha , araa wearing cream singlet , short pants nd pink handbag >.< then we walk together to the bp mall , auww that time so sweet you know.

At the mall , so many memories that i can't easily forget it . his eyes , his kiss , his hair nd his romantic auchhhhh ! even i always touching with you thats not mean i'm not happy , yesterday is my happy day . you treat me like a kids . HAHA ~ semalam jugak aku patahkan sim kad aku , itu kerja gila pernah aku buat :) 3 o'clock we go tp the cinema watch fast and furious 6 .>.< at the cinema , we kissing nd we hugging . daddyyy can i turn back the time ? i want with you everyday , i'm happy with youu dear --'' things that i never forget you give me your cap ~ daddy i promise i will keep your cap , haha ^^ tyouu daddy bcause temankan your mummy busyuk ni till 8 pm at the bustop thanks a lot , i appreciate what you do to me !! i never broke our promises at the food court , cinema nd kbox --'' i'm forever yours k !!

TIERA , dont disturb our relay againn .
now i'm happy with him
you're his past okayy , you his ex not his gf noww
i know it not easily to delete all the memories but i'm begging to you
stop it , let me make iyashh happy , please

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